Parenthood and Dealing with Babies

Well it’s me again, and this blog is going to be about something that you may not expect from your world traveling, hard-partying, active living, actor friend… I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. Not about parents and brothers and sisters, but about starting my own family someday.

I know I’m an adventurer, and it would be irresponsible to do this in the next short amount of time. But I guess what I’ve realized is that I think that I do indeed want a family eventually. And probably not that far away. Isn’t that strange? I guess I never considered it before, I guess I just thought that I didn’t want to family. But, recently I went to go visit my friend and his girlfriend, who had just had a baby.

Spending time with a baby, is it think of thing that changes everybody. As an adult, obviously I had seen babies here and there and sometimes it communicated with them, but never had I held a baby and felt it and seeing the Majesty of a young child. I have to say that this was a life-changing experience.

I need to buy my friend something for his birthday, and I think now instead of buying him something, I’m going to buy something that is at least related to the baby. I’ve been thinking, and it first I was just going to buy some books or toys for the baby, but I realize there might be some kind of parenting tool that I could buy instead, that helps both the baby and my friend and his girlfriend.

They were so thrilled to have this baby in this life, but they were also very stressed out. I noticed there were certain things that were giving them a really hard time, not that they were complaining about it or anything, but they were obviously pretty exhausted. Parenting does not seem like an easy job. One thing I noticed as if they were using these really old baby monitors that had been handed down to them from friends, but they must have been over ten years old. So, I’ve decided that I think I’m going to buy them a WiFi baby monitor. I’ve heard about them on TV and read a little bit about them, and they seem to be really great.

You just download an app and you can access the live stream of your babies cradle, and you can tune in whenever you want, and to know just as easily. You don’t have to have a separate screen or anything, it’s right there on your phone or your iPad. Isn’t that kind of amazing? Anyway, I think this is a nice thing I can do for my friend, the girlfriend, and the baby. And yes, as I was saying, I am considering when I can have my own baby. I think I will be at least five years, maybe more, but maybe less, too. Life can catch you by surprise sometimes, and I am totally open for any where the wind takes me.

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