I Will Move In to Vancouver Soon

Look, I know this isn’t a travel blog, and it’s probably not why you were you. Lucky for you, I’m not a Traveller either. But sometimes I end up in a new place, and sometimes I find out some pretty amazing things about that place but I totally fall in love with it… Well, maybe that doesn’t happen all too often, but it’s certainly happened to me over the last couple of weeks, when I spent a few days in the wonderful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Maybe I had a sheltered idea on what a city could be. But I didn’t know that it was possible to have all of the great shopping, cuisine, and quality of life aspects that any major city in the world features, as well as some of the most spectacular nature of any location on the planet. I’m talking Pacific Ocean, snow capped mountains, and actual rain forest. Wow. All in one place?

“Well if you love the place so much why don’t you just marry it?”

That’s a fair question. In fact, I almost married it, in the way that you marry a piece of property. That’ what my friend Lina said when her bought one Coal Harbour Condos for sale last year.  Maybe that’s a weird analogy. What I’m saying is that I actually considered buying land. I’ve been saving for a property purchase for my entire life. When I really fall in love with the new place, I always consider staying there. Well, maybe not staying there, but having the opportunity to through owning property.

Basically, I contacted a Vancouver Realtor that somebody had recommended to me, and he was a really amazing realtor. Before I left, he showed me some Burnaby condos for sale which seemed to be pretty amazing deals. He struck me as a very honest realtor. Still, I didn’t feel comfortable making that kind of impulse decision, but I definitely am not writing off the possibility of moving there in the future.

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