Stock Photos for New Mommy Bloggers

First of all, I want to say that my journey as a blogger so far has been a beautiful one. I have actually gotten so much support from other bloggers, friends and family, and strangers who have started reading my blog and become invested in this aspect of my life. I am very thankful because I stumbled upon a good website builder which helped me a lot. It’s a really beautiful and meaningful thing. To be honest, I think that a lot of people want to start blogs and have ways of expressing themselves like this. So, some of my posts from now on are going to be about how to start a blog, and how to manage one effectively.

I’ve read a lot about this, and I’ve learned a lot in my experience as a blogger, and I’m super excited to share it.

One part of blogging that not that many people talk about is searching for stock photography. Stock photos are essential a lot of the time, unless you want to take your own pictures, which would probably prove to be very time-consuming, and not always relevant to what you’re writing about. Unless I’m writing about something within my own home, I can always take a picture for myself, and I’m not a professional photographer either.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stock photography on the websites that are available to bloggers is subpar. Not that the photographers are bad or anything, it’s just that the images that are often entered into these databases are very generic and boring, and won’t always compliment your article in a way that is productive. The reason to have an image is to grab the attention of somebody who sees your post. Images speak louder than words, that is for sure.

So, I want to share this great resource I found that has all sorts of amazing Stock Photos and it just seems to be getting better and better. The website is EyeEm and it is literally fantastic. Something that kept proving to be an issue for me was solved the moment I stumbled onto this side, and now I would like to share this little Pearl with everybody who is wanting to start a blog, as they will probably have to use stock photography more often than not.

Feel free to experiment with other sites, but this one is relatively amazing compared to the rest.

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